Wednesday, 10 June 2015

List of Top 75 Medical Technology Companies in ABroad

Today, Medical technology is one of the fastest growing industry in India, all the medical equipments are getting manufactured in India, and getting exported across the globe. As this is the manufacturing industry, the Modi Government MAKE IN INDIA, will support this industry, as we are expecting.

In this post, we are publishing the list of Medical Technologies Companies which are based in abroad and doing good business with India.

  1. Calderaro Medical Service
  2. Calypte Biomedical Corporation
  3. Cam Medical Marketing
  4. Camdon Laboratory & Medical Supply
  5. Camina Srl
  6. Camtec
  7. Camtronics Medical Systems
  8. Cancer Therapeutics, Inc.
  9. Candela Corporation
  10. Caravan Medical Division
  11. Card Guard
  12. Cardima
  13. CardioDynamics International Corporation
  14. Cardiothoracic Systems
  15. Care Wise Medical Products Corporation
  16. Carrington Laboratories, Inc.
  17. Cavitation-Control Technology Inc.
  18. CCL Pharmaceuticals
  19. CDX Corporation
  20. CEL-SCI Corporation
  21. Celgene Corporation
  22. Celulosas Vascas
  23. Centennial Prodcuts, Int'l
  24. Centocor
  25. Central Pharmacy Services, Inc.
  26. Chamco, Inc.
  27. Chefaro
  28. China League Biotechnology Associates,ltd.
  29. Chinahawk Enterprises Ltd
  30. Chiron
  31. Choice Medical Systems, Inc.
  32. CHROMagar
  33. Chromogenix Ab
  34. Chrono-log Corporation
  35. Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  36. Ciba-Geigy AG
  37. Clear Sky Products
  38. Clear Solutions Biotechnology, Inc.
  39. Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
  40. Cloward Instruments Corporation.
  41. Cobe(r) Bct
  42. COBE Cardiovascular, Inc
  43. Cochlear Ltd.
  44. Coherent Medical
  45. Collagen Corporation
  46. Commercial/Medical Electronics
  47. Convatec
  48. CompAssure, Inc
  49. Compuquest, Inc.
  50. Computerized Business Systems
  51. ComView Corporation
  52. Computerized Medical Systems, Inc.
  53. CONMED Corporation
  54. Contech Medical International Ltd.
  55. Contract Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  56. ConvaQuip Industries, Inc.
  57. Cortecs International
  58. Cortex Technology
  59. Covex
  60. Craig Medical Distribution
  61. Creative Vision Interactive
  62. Cross Medical Instruments, Inc.
  63. CTF Systems Inc.
  64. Cti Pet Systems, Inc.
  65. Cuba Biotechnology Company
  66. Cuda Products
  67. Cutting Edge Sales & Marketing
  68. Cyberjam
  69. Cybermed, Inc.
  70. Cybro Medical Ltd.
  71. Cypress Diagnostics
  72. CytImmune Sciences, Inc.
  73. Cytotherapeutics, Inc.
  74. CytRx
  75. Cytyc Corporation


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